Synchronous drum motors

Berges Mechanics in Naturns is your partner for Momentum synchronous drum motors in Italy and Austria.

Synchronous drum motors

Momentum synchronous drum motors are space-saving, all-in-one components with a motor and transmission system that is maintenance-free and fully protected within the drum. This increases reliability, reduces operating costs and simplifies integration! The benefits range from tremendous energy savings to standardization of your components where only a single drum motor diameter is required. Which argument do you find the most convincing?

7 reasons for Momentum

• Space-saving, all-in-one design
• Hygienic and completely oil-free
• Highest power efficiencies
• Numerous speed options
• Strong torque
• Extremely high acceleration
• Various transmission systems


Hygienisch und absolut ölfrei

Hygienic and completely oil-free

Stainless steel drum motors with high IP protection are all-in-one components that are extremely hygienic. On top of this, Momentum drum motors are completely oil-free. Oil contamination of conveyed goods is therefore impossible – a perfect match for food production industries.

Höchste Wirkungsgrade

Highest level of efficiency

Synchronous drum motors offer the highest electrical efficiencies currently available and are extremely economical. Compared to asynchronous drum motors the Momentum drum motor delivers 5.7 times the work at the same consumption rate! This increases performance, enormously reduces energy costs and opens up new fields of applications by lowering operating temperatures!

Viele Geschwindigkeitsoptionen

A multitude of speed options

Momentum synchronous drum motors also convey very slowly or very fast – with continued high torque. This results in many new fields of applications – including quick starts and stops in packaging processes.

Starkes Drehmoment

High torque

Momentum synchronous drum motors are compact power packs with high torque and even heavier starting torque.

This saves design costs and increases throughput!

Extrem hohe Beschleunigung

Extreme high acceleration

Synchroneous drum motors accelerate within milliseconds to the set rotation speed.

This enables extremely high clock cycles without servo technology and increases productivity!

Vielfältige Transmissionssysteme

A wide range of transmission systems

Momentum is a single source supplier of various transmission systems, including idle rollers for unit load handling.

This saves massive time in the design of conveyor systems and opens up additional opportunities.

Possibilities for use

Momentum synchronous drum motors can be found in the following applications:

Automatische Hochregallager
Automatic high-bay warehouse

Space-saving all-in-one design

Food industry

Oil-free and hygienic

Gurte, Modulbänder, etc.
Straps, modular belts, etc.

Strong torque, diverse designs

Packaging industry

Many speed options

Logistics centers

High efficiencies reduce costs

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