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Berges drive technology

When we talk about drives in mechanical engineering and plant engineering, we also talk about relative economic standards: with their optimised and permanent efficiency level motors, our variable pulleys transform potential exactly into the number of revolutions that are actually necessary.

We have the right system for almost all areas of use, in series with power from 0.25 to 200kW: Whether it is technology for normal or wide belts, single or double pulley technology, spring and cam pulleys, ready to fit assembly units, they are complemented by three-phase motors and reduction gears.

Thank to our partnership with Berges Antriebstechnik, we are also able to offer our customers explosion proof variable-speed motors in compliance with Directive 2014/34/EU.

We offer free technical advice for the replacement of belt variators of other brands. Ask us!


In addition to our speed variators technology, we are offering also further drive components such as motors, gearboxes, chain and belt drives, and much more.

Symmetrical pulley technology

up to 160 kW

Asymmetrical pulley technology

up to 200 kW

Assembly units RGAE

up to 160 kW

Variable drive motors

up to 160 kW

Antriebe von Berges Mechanics in Naturns
Belt drives


Berges variable pulleys and the mechanical speed variators can be used for example in the following fields of application.

Agricultural machinery
Conveyor belt systems
Textile machines
Drilling and milling machines
Mixers and shakers

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