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Specialists in mechanical – variable drive technology

About us

Since 1970, we have been working in Naturns – not far from Meran – in the development, creation and marketing of variable drive technology. The history of Berges though started back in 1926, when brothers Carl and Wilhelm Berges began specialising in this sector in Germany.

Since 2018, we have been offering our services in the production of parts for mechanical engineering as well as in the field of drive technology.


Our priority has always been customer satisfaction, which we achieve by providing constant product and process quality.

Compliance with your specifications and requirements is constantly monitored by our qualified team.

In this way we are able to guarantee the highest quality standards!

Conveying technology

Berges Mechanics in Naturns is a specialist in conveying technology and materials handling

Parts production

Parts production for mechanical engineering

Customer satisfaction is our priority


Thanks to our many years of experience, we are specialised among other things in the production of turned precision parts. It would be our pleasure to take care of your small and medium-sized series production.

Manuel & David Tappeiner

Berges Mechanics GmbH

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